Prices Include VAT, Parts & Labour

Your Citröen needs to run smoothly – it’s what allows you to spend time with your friends and family, explore the countryside, and make memories. When repairs are needed, our expert technicians, with their specialist equipment and training, are the best choice. We know your Citröen better than anywhere else.

With Citroën you have a choice over the type of parts that are used for your repairs.

  • Citroën Genuine Parts, called Mopar, are original equipment parts - the same as your Citröen was built with. 
  • Citröen Approved Parts* meet the same high quality standards, but are available at a more affordable price. Approved parts also come with a 2-year warranty as standard. Please note, not all Approved parts are available for all models. *For certain models and repairs, an additional supplement cost applies.


Brake Pads

Citroën Genuine Parts Citroën Approved Parts
Front Pads From £189 From £139
Rear Pads From £169 From £139

Signs your brake pads need replacing:

  • Do your brakes feel less responsive than they should?
  • Is there a grinding sound when you brake?

Brake Pads & Discs

Citroën Genuine Parts Citroën Approved Parts
Front Pads & Discs From £399 From £269
Rear Pads & Discs From £329 From £279

Signs your brakes need replacing:

  • Does the brake pedal feels softer or stiffer than usual?
  • Does your car judder when it stops?
  • Does it sound like your brakes are scrapping?
  • Is your vehicle leaking an oily fluid?


Citroën Genuine Parts Citroën Approved Parts
Timing Belt & Water Pump Kit
From £619 From £529
Timing Belt 1.2 PureTech From £499 -

Why your timing belt is important:

The timing belt keeps the moving parts of your engine perfectly aligned. If it fails it can cause an accident and lead to expensive repairs, including replacing your engine.

If you’re unsure whether it’s time to treat your Citroën to a new timing belt, call us and we can advise.


Citroën Genuine Parts Citroën Approved Parts
Front Wiper Blades - Cars £59 £49
Front Wiper Blades - Vans £69 £59

Signs your wiper blades need replacing:

  • Are streaks and smears appearing on the windscreen?
  • Are they noisier than normal or moving awkwardly?
  • Are areas they wipe left untouched?


Citroën Genuine Parts Citroën Approved Parts
Car Battery - excl. Stop/Start £189 £149
Van Battery - excl. Stop/Start £209 £169
Car Battery - Stop/Start £249 £179
Van Battery - Stop/Start £309 £209
PHEV Battery £249 -

Signs that your battery needs replacing:

  • Has your car failed to start?
  • Are you experiencing lower performance with your vehicle's electrical system?
  • Are your battery's cables or mount corroded?


Air Conditioning keeps you cool and comfortable in the summer and reduces steamy windows in winter weather. You should have your Air Conditioning maintained annually, to ensure it remains working in peak condition.

Air Conditioning Refresh £45

Our Air Conditioning Refresh checks all the main elements, including heater controls, internal fan speeds and drive belt. Plus, you can stay protected from the pollen in the air by replacing your pollen filter for just £30 extra.

Air Conditioning Service £149

An Air Conditioning Service offers a more comprehensive level of maintenance than an Air Con Refresh, additionally including replacement of the air conditioning oil and refrigerant gas, and checks of the hoses, cooling fan and cabin temperatures.


Brake fluid ensures your car stays sharp and effective to protect you.

But over time brake fluid can absorb water leading to soft brakes.

To maintain performance and safe operation, brake fluid should be changed every two years.

Check your Citroën's Warranty and Maintenance booklet, or call us to see if your brake fluid needs changing.

Brake Fluid Change £70


From a drop in fluid levels, to increased temperatures, your Citroën's onboard computer checks and detects hundreds of sophisticated operations as you drive.

And it takes Citroën's specialist diagnostics equipment and our expert technicians to interpret its results precisely.

Diagnostic (first hour) £125

Warners know your Citroën best, so if your vehicle needs a repair, contact:

Warners Citroën Tewkesbury

01684 297575

Warners Citroën Service Gloucester

01452 529755

Terms & Condition: The Citroën Approved * Parts Range is applicable for Citroën vehicles from 30 months and older from point of registration. Applicable to retail customers only. Offer excludes Motorhomes & Citroën LCV’s. Applies to petrol/diesel passenger cars only. High performance models over 2.0 litre engines are excluded. All prices inclusive of parts, labour, oil and VAT. Additional parts maybe required to complete the job. However, these will be quoted for beforehand if necessary. We reserve the right to change, amend or withdraw the offer at any time. Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers. Prices are correct as at 29/04/2024. Brake Pads and Discs prices, excludes vehicles fitted with Hub Discs.