A bold look

You will appreciate the modern and compact front of the Citroën C3 Origin from your first glance. The chrome chevrons and strip extend to the LED daytime running lights, highlighting the width of the car. Below, its LED headlights boast a new design with a high-tech look.

A wealth of colour combinations

If you're picky about colours, Citroën C3 Origin is for you. This compact hatch offers unique customisation potential with a wealth of exterior colour combinations possible. Choose from 6 dynamic body colours and 2 bi-tone roof colours available to create your very own chic hatchback.

True comfort

Citroën C3 Origin is all about well-being on board. In addition to the Advanced Comfort seats, it offers best-in-class spaciousness in the front and rear. Even its boot has a generous 300-litre voloume.


For unrivalled overall comfort, Citroën C3 Origin has been designed according to the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme. For even greater well-being on-board, this city car features Advanced Comfort seats with wide, generous seat cushions.

7" Touchscreen display

To enhance on-board comfort, Citroën C3 offers you connectivity with the 7-inch touchscreen* centrally located on the dashboard. It can be controlled via voice recognition to navigate, change radio stations or make calls. It can also feature connected services such as TomTom traffic, providing you with real time traffic information as well as danger zone alerts.

*5-inch touchscreen on C3 YOU!


C3 Origin is equipped with advanced technologies to make every journey comfortable, tranquil and reassuring.

Front Parking Sensors

Designed for easier urban driving, this system includes 6 front parking sensors that alert the driver in the form of an audible warning.

Active Safety Brake

This emergency braking technology minimises the risk of collision. It starts working from speeds of 3 mph and is designed to detect both fixed or moving obstacles as well as pedestrians. If the system detects a collision risk, it sends a clear warning and if the driver doesn't respond it automatically applies the brakes.

Hill Start Assist

When you pull away on steep gradients, Hill Start Assist holds the car for 2 seconds, giving you time to pull away safely and smoothly.

Driver Attention Warning

By analysing the direction of Citroën C3's travel, this reassuring system can detect if the driver has lost concentration and sends an audible and visual alert.

Lane Departure Warning System

If Citroën C3 Origin crosses a sold or intermittent white line without the indicators being activated, the Lane Departure Warning sends a clear visual and audio alerts to the driver.

Collision Risk Warning

This feature informs the driver their vehicle risks colliding with the vehicle in front or a pedestrian in their lane. If a collision risk is detected, an audible and visual warning is given to the driver.

Reversing Camera

Engage reverse and the Reversing Camera with parking sensors shows a clear view of what's behind you on the 7 inch touchscreen. Additional coloured lines makes the position of obstacles clearer and helps you manoeuvre around them more easily.

Coffee Break Alert

This system reminds the driver to take a break on long journeys, for example after 2 hours at average speeds over 40 mph.

Automatic Intelligent Beam Headlights

When vehicles detected coming towards you or overtaking, the headlights will switch from main to dipped beam. It ensures you always have the right lighting for night driving.

Speed Limit Sign Recognition & Recommendation

The system recognises speed limit signs and displays this information on the drivers display. This speed can then be set for the cruise control/speed limiter. It operates across all speed limits, including the UK national speed limit.

Blind Spot Monitoring System

A really useful safety innovation on multi-lane roads, the Blind Spot Monitoring System alerts the driver to vehicles approaching from behind the blind spot, using an orange warning light mounted in the door mirror.


Citroën C3 Origin is available in a choice of two efficient, latest generation petrol engines:

  • PureTech Petrol 83 S&S Manual
  • PureTech Petrol 110 S&S Manual or Automatic

The PureTech Petrol 110 S&S provides flexibility with it being available with a 6-Speed Manual or EAT6 Automatic transmission


The Citroën C3 Origin has been among the best cars in its class for some time now because of its meticulous attention to comfort and affordable running costs. More desirable features have been included to make the buying decision easier than ever.

Don't take our word for it though, book a test drive at Warners Citroën today on 01684 297575 and see for yourself.