Peugeot Hire Purchase

Our hire purchase package means you can buy a brand new Peugeot and pay if off with fixed monthly payments. And if you choose a car from our representative 0% APR offers range, you won’t pay any interest at all.

Initial Outlay: 0-75% of vehicle price (min 20% deposit may apply to some Hire-Purchase offers)

Contract length: Up to 48 months

Monthly payments: Fixed monthly payments

How it Works:

Choose the deposit you want to pay – it can be anything from nothing up to 75% of the car price.

Choose the length of your loan repayment period up to 48 months, and set your equal monthly repayment amounts.

All of these things will affect how much you pay each month. And if you choose a Peugeot from our 0% offers range, you won’t have to pay any interest at all.

At the end of your agreed loan repayment period, you just pay your final instalment on your Peugeot so you own it outright.

For further information on PEUGEOT's Hire Purchase finance packages call or pop in to Warners Peugeot on Eastern Avenue in Gloucester and speak with one of our Sales Advisors who will be able to provide further information and a personal quotation.