Spread the cost of looking after your PEUGEOT

​Maintenance Made Easy

Keeping your PEUGEOT in peak condition couldn’t be easier with a must-have PEUGEOT Service Plan. They are:

  • Affordable – A fixed monthly fee or the option to pay with one up-front payment;
  • Inflation Proof – Service Plans guaranteed at today’s prices;
  • Flexible – The ability to tailor the plan to your needs;
  • Expertise – All work carried out by Peugeot trained technicians, using only PEUGEOT Parts;
  • Add Value – A full PEUGEOT Service history will help maximise your vehicle’s re-sale value.


Depending on your model and its needs, the length and cost of your Service Plan can be tailored just for you.

PEUGEOT Parts - Only PEUGEOT Parts are used for your Service, so you can be confident they’ll be the perfect fit.

PEUGEOT trained Technicians - All our technicians are trained to know PEUGEOT inside out, and regular assessments ensure their skills are always up to speed.

Your Service includes:

  • Full vehicle inspection
  • Fluid levels check and top-up
  • Oil and oil filter replacement
  • Diagnostic reviews
  • Safety and environmental checks
  • Any additional checks needed due to vehicle age or mileage, as defined in your Warranty & Maintenance Handbook

And if you decide to sell your PEUGEOT before your Service Plan ends, you can always transfer it over to your new PEUGEOT*

*Monthly payments may vary, depending on your next model

Peugeot tailored service


You can buy a New Car Service Plan for your new PEUGEOT up to 12 months after its registration date. If your vehicle’s over 12 months old and you’ve been using Warners PEUGEOT for services and maintenance, good news – there are Service Plan options available to you.

Interested to find out more or to set up a PEUGEOT Service Plan call us on:

Gloucester 01452 529755 or Tewkesbury 01684 297575

Peugeot Service Plan