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Passport Purchase from Warners Peugeot

Passport Purchase gives you a manageable way to own a brand new car.

With fixed monthly payments and a term that you decide on, Passport Purchase is an affordable way to own a car.

Initial Outlay: 0-40% of vehicle price

Contract length: Up to 37 months

Monthly payments: Fixed monthly payments

How it Works:

No or low initial rental deposit required.

Estimate your annual mileage – this will set the anticipated future value of your car and the final payment.

You decide on the length of your payment term, and therefore how much your monthly payments will be.

At the end of the term you have three options; pay the optional final payment and own the car, return the car to Peugeot with nothing further to pay (subject to mileage and condition), or part exchange your car for a new one.