All-New 208 Motability Offers
All-New 208 Motability Offers


Effective 8th July to 30th September

Paint option is FREE OF CHARGE on Motability Contract Hire Vehicles.

ModelFuelTypeCivilian Disabled
Advance Payment
War Pensioner
Advance Payment
208 Active PureTech 75PetrolManual£0.00£0.00
208 Active PureTech 100PetrolManual£99.00£0.00
208 Allure PureTech 100PetrolManual£299.00£0.00
208 GT Line PureTech 100PetrolManual£499.00£0.00
208 Active PureTech 100 EAT8PetrolAutomatic£199.00£0.00
208 Allure PureTech 100 EAT8PetrolAutomatic£399.00£0.00
208 GT Line PureTech 100 EAT8PetrolAutomatic£599.00£0.00
208 Allure PureTech 130 EAT8PetrolAutomatic£499.00£0.00
208 GT Line PureTech 130 EAT8PetrolAutomatic£699.00£0.00
208 Allure PureTech 100 NAVPetrolManual£449.00£0.00
208 GT Line PureTech 100 NAVPetrolManual£649.00£0.00
208 Allure PureTech 100 EAT8 NAVPetrolAutomatic£549.00£0.00
208 GT Line PureTech 100 EAT8 NAVPetrolAutomatic£749.00£46.00
208 Allure PureTech 130 EAT8 NAVPetrolAutomatic£649.00£0.00
208 GT Line PureTech 130 EAT8 NAVPetrolAutomatic£849.00£55.00
208 Active BlueHDi 100DieselManual £299.00£0.00
208 Allure BlueHDi 100DieselManual£499.00£0.00
208 GT Line BlueHDi 100DieselManual£699.00£0.00
208 Allure BlueHDi 100 NAVDieselManual£649.00£0.00
208 GT Line BlueHDi 100 NAVDieselManual£849.00£0.00

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