Have you seen the portacabin at Warners Peugeot in Gloucester and wondered what's going on?

We're under going an exciting Peugeot Corporate Identity refurbishment all due to be finished and revealed before Christmas. In the meantime all departments are open and we hope to minimise any disruption, hard hats are not required!

Day One:

The red lines indicate the final location of each displayed Peugeot, each location will have its own power supply so customers will be able to fully experience the Peugeot iCockpit within the showroom.

6th November 2017.

Day Four:

Good progress so far but WOW the dust!

The channelling for the data, power, water and TV feeds are nearly finished and the electricians are starting to install the conduit and wiring in the floor. The old Sales Managers office has gone and the new offices are virtually complete. The new blown air heating system has been installed and commissioned.

9th November 2017.

Day Nine:

Everyone is banned from going in to the showroom today!

The painters are in situ and have masked up everything ready to spray the ceiling. The tiles you see missing are being sprayed individually as they are either ceiling access points or will have light units fitted to them.

Hopefully the ceiling will be finished today - look out for the photo when it is.

14th November 2017.

Day Ten:

And then it all went dark...

The ceiling painting is finished - hopefully!

Tomorrow the masking will be removed and the full effect revealed. Then the electricians will be in to fit all the new lighting while the painters crack on with the rest of the decorating at the same time.

15th November 2017

Day Fifteen:

We can see again!

Good progress on the ceiling although due to the difficulty in painting the tiles, they will require one more roller coat tomorrow. However, the electricians have cracked on and got most of the new LED lighting installed.

The new floor tiles have arrived which means they will be able to make a start on the new floor tomorrow.

20th November 2017

Day Seventeen:

An early morning sneak preview of the new floor tiles being laid. The closest section in the picture have now been grouted and cleaned and look great.

More of the same from the tilers today and the painters will hopefully roller the final coat on the ceiling ( with plenty of protection on the floor!!! ) as well as possibly some paint on the walls.

The toilets are being worked on and are being stripped out ready for tiling next week.

It’s all go and taking shape well.

22nd November 2017

Day Eighteen:

As you can see, about 2/3rds of the main showroom section is tiled and the decoration is moving along as well.

The tilers plan to finish the showroom by Sunday then move onto the service reception and toilets next week

The electricians are starting to connect the floor boxes to provide both data and power to 18 locations in the showroom floor.

The ceiling is proving a challenge to get the finish correct, but we have “plan c” starting on Monday.

All looking good so far.

23rd November 2017

Day Twenty Two:

Just two more weeks to completion!

Starting to take shape now. The main walls are finished, the offices are all painted and the showroom floor is nearly done.

The toilets are out of commission as we aim to tile them this week and install the new sanitary ware ASAP. The service area and toilets now have suspended ceilings and the service lighting is being installed today.

Plenty of painting still to do, but still on schedule- just!

27th November 2017

Day Twenty Five:

We are heading towards the home straight quite steadily, although a way to go yet. As you can see the main showroom and the revised service reception are taking shape well.

The tiling will be finished tomorrow and the soft flooring is being installed at the weekend. The decoration is nearly complete, but the painters will be here next week to tidy up as we remove all the clutter and work on cleaning up. The toilets will have the new sanitary ware installed next week as well.

Works are on schedule to finish next week ready for furniture to be installed the following week.

30th November 2017

Day Twenty Nine:

Now for the big clean up!

The tiling is finished as is the ceiling and the carpeting.

The new sanitary ware is being fitted in the toilets and should be finished mid week. The linesmen are in patching in all the new cat 6 cabling and the showroom floor boxes are being connected.

The contract cleaners move in Wednesday so by Thursday night it should all look a bit more sparkly.

4th December 2017

Day Thirty Two:

The grand unveiling of the central lounge carpet - it looks very impressive!

All we need is some furniture now.

Build, fit out and painting all finished 1 day ahead of schedule

Furniture install on Monday and Tuesday.

7th December 2017

Day Thirty Six:

Looks like Santa has arrived!!

11th December 2017

Day Thirty Eight: Welcome to Warners!

All we need now is staff, cars and customers. In the next half hour, we will be ready to move the staff back into our shiny new showroom. The contract floor cleaners will be in this evening and then the cars will be on display tomorrow. The customer signage for the temporary buildings should be down tonight, so then we will be fully up to speed. That will leave the last final tweaks and snagging to be finished.

13th December 2017

Day Forty:

We have cars, staff and customers. We have a few small things to complete but we are open!

A big thank you to our customers for being so patient whilst the refurbishment was taking place. We look forward to welcoming you to our new showroom soon.

15th December 2017

Day Forty Five:

And finally we are all but finished. The Portakabin has gone and everything is completed. We have a few minor details to sort, but only odds and ends. So on that note, I am signing off the Eastern Avenue updates.

20th December 2017