Citroën C3: the new Citroën offensive! Available from Warners Citroën in Gloucestershire


A wind of change is blowing through the world of compact hatchbacks! Very fashionable, Citroën C3 is characterised by a trendy and optimistic design, animated by coloured inserts and graphic elements like the Airbump® panels. Its expressive and unique shape makes it immediately recognisable in its segment. Style, personalisation, Citroën Advanced Comfort®, new technologies and ConnectedCAM Citroën ™.

Love at first sight! The unique shape of C3 sets itself apart with a charismatic front face and generous curves which give it a powerful and energetic stance. Its smooth lines, its graphic signature and its colours make it a trendy and "pop" model. With C3, free yourself and go with today’s trends!​


Thanks to its limited length (under 4 m), C3 is particularly agile and easy to handle, which is very noticeable in town.

It has 5 doors and 5 seats, which makes it practical in all circumstances!

Length: 3.99 m
Width: 1,74 m
Height: 1.47 m
Wheelbase: 2.54 m
Boot volume: 300 l



At the front, the two-tier light signature raises the look of Citroën C3 and reinforces the impression of bonnet height. The chevrons and their chromed double grille extend to the LED daytime-running lights with the circular design headlights below. The protective front bumper blends into the rest of the bodywork to enhance the sense of height and width at the front for a ‘go-anywhere’ look and feel. Coloured inserts surround the fog lights and bring their little touch of freshness!​

The floating roof design is one of the stylish trump cards of Citroën C3. Available in 3 colours, it is supported by black windscreen pillars accentuating the dynamic outline of C3. The car’s protective character is evident in the balanced proportions between the body panels and the glazed areas. A confident, calm and serene look.


The Airbump® panels (air-filled bumps with a scratch-proof surface, as seen on C4 Cactus) are a Citroën signature feature, offering personality and style, as well as protecting the vehicle.

The thermoplastic polyurethane material used in the Airbump® panels resists everyday degradation, protecting them from sunlight, water, scratches etc.

Each panel positions a line of air-filled bumps at the bottom of the doors to protect the most vulnerable areas of the car in the urban environment. The Airbump® panels also have a white or red graphic motif, depending on the version.


C3 also has a wide range of colours to pick from: Almond Green, Polar White, Cobalt Blue, Shark Grey, Arctic Steel, Ruby Red, Perla Nera Black, Orange Power or Soft Sand...

Combine these 9 subtle or punchy colours with the 3 different roof colours (Onyx Black, Sport Red, Opal White) and multiply the combinations (up to 36 possible combinations of body colours). These options allow you to liven up a classic colour with a coloured roof, or conversely, to temper a more "pop" body colour with a dark roof. These combinations reinforce the new style and freshness of New C3.

So, which C3 will you get?


To further personalise your C3, you can choose a central roof decoration that will emphasize the design. It’s available in white or black, and is water and scratch resistant.

C3 gives you a cocoon effect which filters out the outside world and isolates you from the stresses of the road. As soon as you get inside, you get a real feeling of well-being thanks to the seats, which are both visually and physically comfortable, the panoramic sunroof which bathes the passenger compartment in light, and the clever storage compartments. This consistent ensemble immerses you and your passengers in a real bubble. C3 enables you to feel like you are at home when you are at the wheel.


The storage compartments have been designed in the most functional way possible. C3 has a clever central storage compartment which frees up as much space as possible in the front and large storage compartments on the front doors.

The light colour chosen for the interior of these storage compartments contrasts with the items being stored to make it easier to find them. Finally, there is no compromise on luggage space, the C3 has a boot volume of nearly 300 litres.


The passenger compartment combines loads of refined elements and soft shapes. This harmony is also seen in the coherence of the styling of the doors, seats and dashboard. The same welcoming and bright textiles provide unrivalled and high quality visual continuity.

The interior style is inspired by non-automotive worlds, with touches such as the luggage style door handles and textiles on the dashboard.




Thanks to its panoramic sunroof, the passengers in Citroën C3 benefit from exceptional brightness throughout the passenger compartment, which emphasises the feeling of space and openness to the outside. At any moment, the occupants can change the intensity of the brightness by using the sunblind.​

On board, you will have the impression of being in your living room! This well-being is reinforced by the horizontal dashboard which gives an impression of space and width of the passenger compartment.​

C3 seats are the result of a lot of work. They offer width and generosity to promote comfort, while adopting a modern style. Welcoming and providing good lumbar support, these seats offer top level comfort thanks to the materials that they're made from.​

​Citroën C3 is also all about fashionable technology. A world first, Citroën offers  ConnectedCAM Citroën™, a connected HD camera.  This hatchback also offers a range of equipment that makes life easier for the driver: 3D connected navigation with voice recognition, reversing camera, Lane Departure Warning System and Blind Spot Monitoring.


The ConnectedCAM Citroën™ on C3 means you can film spectacular scenery, unusual locations and cityscape. This new system uses a camera fitted behind the rear-view mirror to film what the driver sees through the car windscreen. It provides a video log of your everyday driving experiences: - Just click to take a photo and share it on social media. The camera films and stores what’s happening in front of you, so it could also provide valuable information in the event of an accident.






The blind spot monitoring system indicates the presence of a vehicle in the blind spot using a light in the door mirrors. This system, which works on the same principle as the reversing sensors, is a major safety asset, for example on motorways.​

This system allows you to combat drowsiness or just a momentary lack of attention at the wheel from 37MPH. When the car crosses a white line without the indicator having been activated, the system’s electronic control unit (ECU) triggers a warning. In this way, you are warned by audible beeps and a visual warning when the line is crossed.​

The reversing camera displays the view behind on the cars touchscreen when the reverse gear is engaged.
This view is enhanced with colour guidelines which show the proximity to any obstacle. A real expanded view to make reversing manoeuvres easier!

​The system recognises speed limit signs and gives this information to the driver.  This speed can be used to set the speed limiter/cruise control. It works across the entire speed range. The system also detects signs indicating the end of the speed limit.

BlueHDi DIESEL & PureTech PETROL Engines

C3 has the latest generation PureTech petrol and BlueHDi Diesel engines, which are efficient and economical.

In the petrol version, C3 is available with a manual gearbox with the 3 cylinder PureTech 68, 82 and 110 (Stop & Start) engines, and in the Diesel version, with a manual gearbox with the BlueHDi 75 and 100 (Stop & Start) engines. To offer optimum driving pleasure and comfort, C3 will be available with an EAT6 automatic gearbox shortly after its launch .

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