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Just Add Fuel® from Warners Peugeot

This handy three-year finance package takes care of all your motoring costs, including insurance, in one monthly cost. So all you need to do is choose your Peugeot, add fuel and go.

How it Works:

Choose how much deposit you want to pay – from nothing at all up to 40% of the car price.

Sign up for your 3-year contract which covers the cost of the car, your insurance, your car tax, your warranty, roadside assistance and servicing.

Enjoy hassle-free motoring for three years at a fixed, monthly cost.

Choose a different car on a new contract, or hand your car back, with nothing more to pay

At the end of your three-year contract you can decide what you want to do: You can buy your Peugeot by paying what we agreed it to be worth at the beginning of your contract, so you’ll own it outright. Or you can part-exchange it for another brand new car


The payments are fixed so you don’t need to worry about cost every month.

All your motoring costs and the related paperwork are taken care of for you in one, easy payment, except the cost of petrol.

The Just Add Fuel insurance covers up to three drivers over the age of 21, so it’s ideal for families.