This Christmas Give Your Child The Gift Of Telematics.

PEUGEOT Just Add Fuel® is an innovative finance package which brings car insurance for young drivers, warranty, road tax and assurance that your child is driving safely and is fully road legal.

If you’re a parent of a young driver and (quite rightly) are concerned about them driving safely and legally. Warners are proud to bring their Just Add Fuel® Telematics solution to new and young drivers which means each and every driver (from as young as 18 years of age with zero No Claims Discount) can drive: a brand-new Peugeot with:

  1. 3 Years’ Fully Comprehensive Car Insurance
  2. 3 Years’ Road Tax
  3. 3 Years’ Routine Servicing
  4. 3 Years’ Warranty
  5. 3 Years’ Roadside Assistance

All for a regular monthly payment.

This finance solution can often be cheaper than your first insurance quote on a young driver, this is because of the Peugeot Telematics system fitted to these cars.

Peugeot Telematics Ensures Safe And Legal Driving With Affordable Payments

Peugeot Telematics is a black box system fitted to cars for young drivers which allows for inclusive insurance. Each driver is graded on each journey and unlike many other telematics solutions, there is no curfew limitation. Young drivers are given a strike if they break the speed limit, drive unsafely and as long as their driving is safe and legal, their new Peugeot is insured.​

Telematics For Parents Of Young Drivers

The Telematics device assures parents that their child is driving safely and legally and as the “driving rating” can be monitored after each journey using a useful app, it allows for them to be trained to be a better and more considerate driver.

Often parents manage to help their children get cheaper insurance premiums by adding themselves to the policy and naming their child as a second driver. Purchasing insurance this way is illegal and insurance companies will not honour any agreement if an accident does happen.

Telematics ensures that the driver has fully comprehensive insurance so if the worst happens then they are covered. You can even add other drivers for no extra charge.

Telematics For Young Drivers

Getting insurance is a nightmare at the best of times. For young or new drivers with zero No Claims Discount, the premiums are staggeringly high. Many young drivers who have just passed their test get around these high premiums by choosing a black box solution (with a curfew) or adding their parents to the insurance policy (making themselves a second part-time driver). Their first car is usually one which is several years old and may have maintenance issues, so if you’ve paid for your insurance then you may still have adding essential maintenance problems to worry about.

With Peugeot Just Add Fuel®, young drivers can choose a brand new Peugeot and be covered for everything you need (except fuel). If your parent/guardian is worried about your driving, you can calm their fears by showing them your journey rating (available on the fully-featured app).

You can drive away a brand-new car (whilst your peers choose an old banger) and have a safer and cheaper year ahead. Is there really any point in paying that extra premium for an old car? A new car is statistically more efficient, safe and reliable than older models and with a choice of vehicles on offer, you can find one that suits your needs and style with the knowledge that you’ll be safe and legal.

Many of our Just Add Fuel® Telematics customers are gifted the deposit for the scheme by their parents because driving Peugeot Just Add Fuel® Telematics is a reliable agreement that you can drive away a brand-new car, whilst proving that you are a considerate and safe driver.

If you’ve just passed your test and are now 18 (or will be soon), we can quote you happy on a Peugeot Just Add Fuel® Telematics car. The quote will be made up of a deposit, monthly payments (usually over 36 months) and an optional final payment.

For more on how Just Add Fuel® Telematics can benefit you as a driver or as a parent please call Warners Peugeot on 01452 529755.