Have you seen the portacabin at Warners Peugeot in Gloucester and wondered what's going on?

We're under going an exciting Peugeot Corporate Identity refurbishment all due to be finished and revealed before Christmas. In the meantime all departments are open and we hope to minimise any disruption, hard hats are not required!

Day One:

The red lines indicate the final location of each displayed Peugeot, each location will have its own power supply so customers will be able to fully experience the Peugeot iCockpit within the showroom.

6th November 2017.

Day Four:

Good progress so far but WOW the dust!

The channelling for the data, power, water and TV feeds are nearly finished and the electricians are starting to install the conduit and wiring in the floor. The old Sales Managers office has gone and the new offices are virtually complete. The new blown air heating system has been installed and commissioned.

9th November 2017.

Day Nine:

Everyone is banned from going in to the showroom today!

The painters are in situ and have masked up everything ready to spray the ceiling. The tiles you see missing are being sprayed individually as they are either ceiling access points or will have light units fitted to them.

Hopefully the ceiling will be finished today - look out for the photo when it is.

14th November 2017.

Day Ten:

And then it all went dark...

The ceiling painting is finished - hopefully!

Tomorrow the masking will be removed and the full effect revealed. Then the electricians will be in to fit all the new lighting while the painters crack on with the rest of the decorating at the same time.

15th November 2017