Servicing offers from MG Gloucester at Warners Motor Group

The cost of owning a car doesn’t stop once you’ve bought or leased it, which is why our offers and deals apply to aftersales services, as well as sales. This means that not only will you always get a great deal when you buy your MG car from us, but you’ll also benefit from great value on expert maintenance for as long as you own the car.

Our offers cover everything from annual MOTs and interim servicing, to seasonal checks and Vehicle Health Checks. Pick from Warners’ Car Service Plans, the Warners Service for cars aged three years or more that are out of manufacturer warranty, Interim Car Services and more. Whatever fits with your vehicle and budget, we can help.

Every health check, service, MOT and repair is carried out by our expertly trained and highly experienced MG technicians. Not only do they have in-depth knowledge of all MG models, but they have access to the latest diagnostic and testing equipment, too. It means they can uncover potential problems quickly and rectify them just as efficiently, to help you get back on the road and stay mobile without the threat of any unexpected issues.

To find out more about each of our current servicing offers, simply click ‘more info’. When you’re ready to book, choose ‘book online’ or give us a call directly and we’ll arrange your appointment for you over the phone.