Genuine MG accessories from Warners Motor Group

Adding accessories to your MG is a really great way of personalising your vehicle, for practical or aesthetic reasons. Some accessories enhance performance, while others focus on increasing style appeal or longevity.

At Warners Motor Group, we stock a wide range of MG accessories, all genuine and of the highest quality. Browse our selection, handily split into categories to make finding what you want very easy.

Carpet mats and rubber mats are the sensible and cost-effective way of increasing the life of your car’s carpet and interior floor area. Choose from mats for the driver’s foot well, front passenger’s foot well or the rear floor. If you’re looking for ways to protect your boot from the loading and unloading of luggage/goods, or from scruffy, scrabbling dog paws, invest in a high-strength mat for the boot. Equally, dog guards stop them venturing into the front seats, containing any wear and tear to the boot area.

For additional storage space – ideal for business and family vehicles – check out the selection of MG roof bars and boxes.

When it comes to styling, there’s endless choice. From chrome tailpipes and mirror caps, to spoilers and bumper guards, there’s something for every driver, no matter what your style. Inside the cabin, technology accessories ensure you are fully connected, hands-free of course, to your mobile phone address book and your music. Pick from powerful speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, and USB cables to make sure your car is fully kitted out for modern driving.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help. Simply order online or let us know if there’s a particular MG accessory you need and we’ll source it for you.